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Friday, September 13, 2013

Another day, another scrub

Hey all, 

here with a body scrub to review for you. An artisan-crafted, all-natural, yet utterly "meh" scrub. In early May I purchased the coconut body scrub by the 1000 Island Soap Company here. This was a whopping $19.95 for 9 ounces.  ..... I actually am shocked that I paid that, but ahh well. This product was your standard chunky sea salt + oils + fragrance.  Here is a general image of the company's scrubs:

Body Scrub  Extra Fine Sea Salt 

So, ok. I wouldn't purchase again. First of all - definitely not worth $19.95. Just... no. That's a high price point. For that I expect modest luxury - nice packaging, a refined scent, fancy oils. This was very basic, white, plastic packaging with a label which looked like it had been printed on a home computer. The scent was decidedly NOT refined. To my "nose" it smelled sort of like apples and salt. Not the summery, exotic coconut I was hoping for. Finally, the oils in this were quite standard: sweet almond and so on. Where's the fancy argan oil to justify that price?? 

Next, I am thinking of making my own scrub. Possibly out of brown sugar and coffee grounds, coconut and sweet almond oil. It's getting chilly in Canada and a good scrub helps my skin stay soft and moisturized. I'll let you know how it goes.

Cheers everyone, 


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