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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Burt's Bees double-header

Hello all, 

here with two Burt's Bees products to review for you: the Ultra Moisturizing Lip Treatment and the Citrus Facial Scrub. The lip treatment is available widely for around $4.99. The Citrus Facial Scrub is a bit harder to get a hold of in Canada - I got mine at a local heath food shop for around $13. Here they are:
The lip hydration sensation.

Let's talk about the facial scrub first. This product has a bit of a cult following so I was eager to give it a whirl. It's a brown scrub which smells like Christmas, you mix it with a bit of water and massage it over your face. Rinse. It then makes a gross mess in your shower/sink waahoo. Anyway, this was a bit too emollient for me. It left an oily film over my face which I didn't enjoy. I am not really a fan of scrubby, physical exfoliants at this point. I go for a nice little glycolic acid instead. So, all-in-all, I couldn't bring myself to use this up on my face. I used it as a body scrub instead - a purpose for which it was way too gentle. So, ya. Won't be repurchasing. 

Next up, the lip treatment. This was not "ultra moisturizing" in my opinion. While it wasn't terrible (it was better than a Lip Smacker), it wasn't great. It was a far cry from my Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. I honestly think good old Nivea or Blistex is better. This had the texture of Vaseline and I didn't feel like it was replenishing moisture back into the lips. A no-go. Will not repurchase. 

Two disappointments from Burt's Bees! I sense a dark trend...

Clara xx 

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