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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Rose Water Toner, that little extra

Happy Saturday all, 

here today to review a nice little toner for you. Calling it a toner might be a bit of stretch, mind you. I finished up Heritage's rose water spray. You get 8 ounces in a bottle with a nice little spray nozzle. I paid $11 for this at my local health food shop. It took me ages to use it up: we're talking like a year. Here is an image:

Rose Petals Rosewater 8 oz  w/atomizer

Basically, I would use this spray after toning with a glycolic. My skin gets that little tingly sensation (ok - some light stinging) after using the glycolic and I found this lovely, gentle spray to be just the ticket before applying my serum. I also enjoyed this if my face needed a little "wake-up" if I was feeling sick or tired or hot, and if I'd over-powdered my face. I don't think that this product really did anything to the appearance of my skin. I don't think it was hydrating or clarifying or anything else. But the sensation of having a nice, natural rose scented product spritzed on the face was delightful. And the price point is right on. 

I would definitely repurchase. I love rose-scented things. I think, if you're going for a spray floral water, you don't need to splash out on something expensive (see: Caudalie's Beauty Elixir). I'm sceptical that these sprays "do" anything beyond smell and feel great. I may experiment with a lavender essence one next. 

Go forth and spray with abandon, 


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