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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Review: Klorane Nettle Shampoo

Hello all, 

here with a shampoo to review for you. It's Klorane's Nettle Shampoo for "oily prone" hair. My hair is quite fine, and while it is isn't particularly oily, I hoped this product would allow me to shampoo less frequently. I paid $13.49 for this at Shopper's (I know, I know). The bottle contains 200 mL of product. That. Shiz. Is. Expensive. Here is an image:

Seboregulating treatment shampoo - OILY PRONE

Well, I will say that this sure wasn't worth the price. This shampoo sounds great on paper: "With its ultra-gentle, detangling, volume-enhancing cleansing base, formulated to avoid all possibility of a rebound effect, KLORANE Seboregulating treatment shampoo with nettle extract progressively regularizes sebum secretion, allowing you to wash your hair less frequently. It leaves hair feeling silky, supple and bouncy. It is hypoallergenic." (from the Klorane website). If only....if only. In reality, this shampoo was hard to lather. Like really hard to lather - to the point that it was annoying. I didn't notice any seboregulating effect (i.e., I ended washing my hair exactly as often as I have always done). I did its job in as much as it cleaned my hair. But I didn't notice any volumizing effect. 

I really wanted to love this product. Going on the Klorane website reminds me of how AWESOME the world of Klorane seems. But this product did not deliver for me. It was annoying to use and expensive. I will not repurchase.

Clara xx

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